mardi 12 mars 2013

Darth Vader invades CES 2011, unveils Star Wars Saga on Blu-ray

The Sith Lord has landed in Las Vegas. Well, not touse his "force" at the Craps table in the casino, butto promote the Star Wars Saga on Blu-ray discs at the CES 2011. The Blu-ray collection which consists of the six episodes, are available in three different sets: first is a nine-disc set which includes all the six movies and all the extras, priced at US$139.99. The second is the prequel trilogy (Episode I to III) and the third is the original trilogy (Episode IV to VI), both priced at US$69.99 each.

It is definitely worthwhile for the hardcore Star Wars fans, thoughthe Blu-ray 3Dversion of the six movies would be out in the near future; well, meaning the Sith Lord or even the Emperor could make an appearance at future CES show.

You can start preorder yours today from

Source: PC World

"Buy the Blu-ray collection or I'll force-choke you"

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